Introducing: WAVE GUARD. The hardtop dodger

Wave Guard Hardtop DodgerWAVE GUARD brings you the strength and rigidity of a hardtop, with easily removable windows for summer cruising or racing. WAVE GUARD is designed to last the life of your vessel, using advanced materials such as:

  • SUNBRELLA CLARITY self cleaning canvas
  • STRATAGLASS clear vinyl, with uv and scratch resistance
  • Color Impregnated Resin Hardtop
  • Stainless steel frame with heavy duty fittings

Recent Work – Amore

One of our most recent projects was a cover for a small, trailerable sailboat. “Amore” is a Moore 24′, a boat that originated out of Santa Cruz surf culture and the infamous RonJon Surfshop. Moore 24’s have seen a resurgence of popularity in the Northwest, with a strong fleet in Seattle and a couple of these boats in Bellingham.

Amore didn’t have a large enough place for dry storage in the winter, which became a real problem for the owners in our notoriously rainy season. It also sported a recognizable and flashy paint job from it’s previous owners, and it was decided that the new cover should complement that work.

In our before and after, you can see the boat with it’s mast up, then in the pictures with the cover the mast is down for storage/transport, with cover openings that accommodate and yet fully protect the boat.

Amore Before Cover

Amore Boat Cover Front View

Amore Boat Cover Aft View